2015 Tesla Model S

2015 Tesla Models S

Tesla Model S was introduced 2013 years and so far the most successful electric car. Tesla has now announced that it saves the redesign of this model, for now we do not know whether this will be special for the 2015 model year, or just a new package.

Design of 2015 Tesla Model S

Significant changes in the interior and exterior car is going no to happen, Tesla will be focused to certain central problem security. The new model will have a drive to all four wheels, and thus increase the capabilities and quality of the car. Redesigned model will also have a new battery, which will allow for a greater range with the same charge, as well as a new system for automatic control of the mechanical parts of the vehicle that will be processed in real-time information on driving status and adjust the suspension settings. The new model will also be promoted to version 6.0, something like the process in “smart phones”, which will provide greater control over adjusting suspension systems, as well as information about traffic in real-time.

Engine range and Performance of 2015 Tesla Model S

Specifications of the new model are similar with that of 2014. Maximum speed remains 200 km / h, acceleration 0-100 km / h in 5.60 pkObrtni moment 440 Nm total weight of the car will remain 2100 kg. The engine will be slightly improved and will develop a power of 355 horsepower.

Release date and Price of 2015 Tesla Model S

The new car will be launched in mid-2014 years, together with the Tesla Model X Price refresh model will be around $ 90,000.

2015 Tesla Model S back

2015 Tesla Models S interior

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