2015 Mitsubishi CA iMiev

2015 Mitsubishi CA iMiev HEV

This sporty model is powered by diesel hybrid engine. Conventional engine in this model is forward and sends power to a new type system drive to all four wheels with Super Select 4WD and Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) technologies that aim to provide superior traction regardless of the conditions of travel.

Some of the highlights of this technology include a brand new electric motor, inverter and wireless charging system and support for regenerative braking. With fully charged batteries, this model can not exceed approximately 300 km due to its lightweight aerodynamic bodywork.

The concept CA-MiEV Mitsubishi threw a new electric motor, new high capacity battery, inverter, regenerative braking system and a new wireless charging system exists, which operates on the principle of magnetic resonance imaging. With the study of future generations of electric toddler, Mitsubishi has brought to Geneva and GR-HEV – Hybrid Concept new generation of its pick-up model L200.

To start this study Mitsubishi chose a hybrid assembly composed of the diesel engine and electric motor. With him, the GR-HEV is built and Mitsubishi’s S-AWC system, which controls the drive on all wheels. As you can see information about Mitsubishi studies are extremely scarce, and will probably remain until the end of the Geneva Motor Show.

2015 Mitsubishi CA iMiev forward plug-in electric-petrol hybrid car model

2015 Mitsubishi CA iMiev HEV

Mitsubishi CA iMiev  concept new 2015 future ecar model interior

Mitsubishi CA iMiev back and side silver car

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