2015 Fisker Atlantic Hybrid

2015 Fisker Atlantic Hybrid

U.S. automaker Hybrid Drive Fisker will present at the New York Auto Salon new model Atlantic. This is concept of electric supercar model who is producing in 2015.


Fisker Atlantic’s mid-size sedan that stylish podeća the larger model Karma.

Like many other carmakers and Fisker took recourse to the solution of hiding the handle to open the last door in the C pillar of the car.

In this way, the Atlantic from afar resembles the sport coupe with two doors.

Technical details of the new model will be published after its release, and is now known to be near the electric Fisker Atlantic run and četvorocilindrični 2.0-liter turbo-filled gasoline engine, originally from BMW.

It is expected that Fisker Atlantic, when it appears on the market, have a significantly lower price than the model Karma.

2015 Fisker Atlantic Hybrid

Fisker Atlantic back

Fisker Atlantic interior electric super model

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